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Pokerstars Marketing Code:

What is the marketing code?

When you register you register at an online poker room, you may be offered a bonus as an incentive to join that particular poker room brand.

As online poker is starting to lose its novelty effect given that it is now almost a decade since the game started to emerge as a dominant force in online gaming, competition among online poker operators is more intense than ever. The industry is in a consolidation phase as the pace of new players starting the game of poker is slowing down. The majority of players already have some experience in online poker and they would only open an account at a poker room if they are offered a bonus they cannot refuse. New players also are well aware of the various brands due to televised poker tournaments and Internet advertising. So they are all looking for a deal before signing up.

Pokerstars Bonus Information

Within this aggressive business atmosphere, PokerStars has emerged as the leader of online poker in recent years, passing over Party Poker and Full Tilt Poker and leaving them in the dust.

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PokerStars is the leading from about any angle you look at it. For example consider tournaments, both online and live. The dominant position by PokerStars is overwhelming. In live poker, they sponsor and run the EPT, APPT, NAPT and many other smaller tournaments. One of their latest offerings is the Empire State Hold'em Championship.

Before signing up, use the PokerStars marketing code. This guarantees that you get a 100% bonus up to $600 applicable to your first three deposits.

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